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posted on Mar 24 2019 09:35 pm

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Mar 24 2019 09:35 pm


I'm back...!

What's sad is the date this file was made was 2016

It's been 3 years

I'm sorry :'(

Thank you all for supporting me the way you all's been a wild ride. If you check the annoucnement I may or may not shut down smackjeeves, because I don't think I get traffic here. But we'll see.

I'm also looking into launching a patreon so who knows...!

Sep 21 2019 03:24 pm


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Mar 27 2019 07:16 am


Welcome back!

It's... a very long time that I didn't see an actual update on this comic on my newsreader.

P.S. Personally, I just tolerate Tapastic, not preferring it; so I'll continue reading here as long as it is possible. If you actually ended up stopping to post here, don't forget to give us some heads up. Thanks.
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Mar 27 2019 07:49 am


@WindowMaker: no problem. Just tolerate tho? Why? Any reason?

Asking also as feedback~
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Mar 28 2019 01:23 am



I use a computer that is based on non-mainstream technology and dated parts, together with time-limited/low-bandwidth Internet connection (imagine post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie). These all doesn't interact well with sites that have a high system requirement, especially ones that require client-side scripting.

I can read and navigate comics on SmackJeeves just fine, even with scripting remained off for the entire session. Same goes for ComicFury.

On Tapastic, only latest comic page (or page that you know its direct URL) can be read without scripting; in-comic navigation is broken. Archive binging is a pain. I have to use my RSS newsreader as a de-facto archive page when reading update-to-update. This is why I just tolerate it.

On LINE Webtoon (which is a scrolling comic platform like Tapastic), scripting is required even in the most basic reading function. Without it, I got only a blank comic page; so I don't read _any_ comic on LINE Webtoon, no exception.

P.S. Before anyone is going to assume things: while my browsing session don't run scripts, I don't block advertisements-- the good old Project Wonderful displayed just fine, back then when they were still running.
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Mar 28 2019 07:11 am


@WindowMaker: Damn! I didn't know that. Interesting. Speaking of which very sad because I was actually using project wonderful for this site, disappeared for personal reasons, and came back POOF t'was gone. I had a bit of revenue there kinda a shame I didnt get to at least widthraw it...but thats how it is.

Anyway thanks for your response! I'll seriously consider that then, and see how else I can make passive revenue here.


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