Belated Spirit Day 2017 + News
posted on Oct 30 2017 07:53 am

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Oct 30 2017 07:58 am


Spirit Day

I missed Spirit Day this year because I got busy, and also my PC was in the repairshop.
Still, feels incomplete not to do something.

That being said, this place has been gathering dust, huh? I haven't updated because some issues happened with someone I was working with to make some elements of the next chapter, however it's been somewhat resolved and we're heading along on a slow and steady movement.

Despite this, I also noticed a lot of problems. Photobucket no longer allows free third party hosting, as such my layout is now...well...messed up. Also this place gets little to no traffic. I got four times the amount of fans and traffic on tapastic compared to this place. More profitable, though, not as flexible. I like the interface I designed here.

I don't want to give it up, but I'm starting to wonder if Smackjeeves is right, so brace yourselves as you might one day see that I've moved elsewhere.

Still, this comic isn't gone, just going through some really tough times. :(

If anyone is reading this announcement, I'm flattered and blessed by your loyalty and investment, hopefully I can pay it in kind soon!

P.S. there will be no Kurohi Halloween art, since I have been inactive so long. It feels wrong to spam you with fillers too much

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Nov 05 2017 01:19 pm


If you do see decide to move to another forum permanently then please give us a heads up. I love. Your work so I'd be willing to follow you on another website too
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Nov 06 2017 05:59 am


@Riaya: will do!
I am iffy to leave smackjeeves becase I really like the layout I made for it...but...we'll see, I guess... TTwTT)

However I do also have a tapastic account. So there's that. It's among the links on the right.
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Nov 11 2017 03:47 pm


Okay thank you

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