Happy Halloween! 2016
posted on Nov 01 2016 03:06 pm

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Nov 01 2016 03:06 pm


Happy Halloween!

Somewhat late.

I have been drawing this ship quite a bit more...hopefully get to their story someday //sobs

I may not seem like it...but I'm still working on this. //sighs.

Sep 21 2019 03:24 pm


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Nov 09 2016 03:01 pm


amazing colors +_+

i was just thinking about this comic the other day, haha! (not pressuring, really, just trying to sound a bit encouraging) but i do hope you continue this comic~ the story has got me intrigued from the start and i'm waiting patiently for its revival :>
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Nov 13 2016 09:46 am


@Guest: Hello and thanks for commenting!

I too am awaiting it's continuation...

I'm getting very antsy about it and I'm sincerely waiting on someone before progressing further...but it is getting to the point where I am at a bit of a loss on how to proceed if I can just dump that person's [supposed] work...

I will not be happy with it, and that person is a friend so I'm hoping to trust them and wait. I hope you all will be patient and wait too >_<; <3

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