Valentine's Day 2016
posted on Feb 14 2016 07:00 am

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Feb 13 2016 07:40 am


Happy Valentine's Day!

Or singles awareness day. Whatever.

Those of you reading kurohi for the first time wont recognize them, but even if you read kurohi before who knows if you do...but this is Shin-sensei (left) and Elliot-sensei (right) when they were in school. Shin was 13, and graduating middleschool (he advanced), and Elliot was 16 in his second year of highschool.

They were both foreign-looking, and handsome, so they were very popular. They sold the chocolate they recieved. They ate some of, if they liked it. Shin had a fanclub (boys and girls alike). Elliot liked to flirt with him too.

Full art in deviantart

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