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posted on Jan 08 2016 02:00 am

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Jan 01 2016 05:56 am


Look at Yuki with his shorter hair. This was only the year before, in case anyone's wondering.

The timeline of kurohi is set in 2014, so this was June of 2013. The entire story of kurohi is set to end by 2015....but it's already 2016. ;v;

So I'll be stuck in the year 2014 for another decade or something if I keep up this rate. o-|-<

I need to make time...and be faster...get assistants...all of that. I want to finish kurohi and do the story nice. uvu;

This is the end of the pre-chapter.
I just wanted to post it before slinking away again.

I'm sorry...but I want to graduate. :)) I want to have a nice thesis.

I will not leave it to dust though...I simply dont want to make any promises when I'm unsure I can deliver. So I'd rather put this on hiatus to refrain from that.

Thank you for your patience orz

See you next week, just for a little splash art? or would you all prefer I'd just post the cover of this chapter when I begin it? hahaah

See you next week, ja. =v= <3

Sep 21 2019 03:23 pm


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