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posted on Jan 06 2016 02:00 am

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Jan 01 2016 05:55 am


There's a lot I owe to random urges with this story...

This entire section, until the next page, and some pages you'll see in chapter 2 were easy to write because one day I was like

"God how did these two even grow to like each other?" since they have such differing personalities.

So I tried writing out the whole story of them getting together with a method I sorta got from a special edition of W.I.T.C.H in which the story was told from both sides...except it's a lot more like "Flipped", really.

I wrote the whole affair in chapters, alternating from Yuki's POV and Driz's POV. It's hilarious how mismatched it is.........they're both so lame. Driz is based on me, so I'm essentially making fun of some aspects of myself too. o-|-<

I'm sorry I've been ranting haven't I? I guess I just miss telling you guys things in these sections :'>

One more update this Friday~
See you then, ja!

Sep 21 2019 03:24 pm


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