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posted on Jan 04 2016 02:00 am

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Jan 01 2016 03:02 am



I wanna just work on kurohi....well, I also need assistants so I can update faster. That would help.

but they'd need to have Photoshop and be willing to be 'trained' by me with no pay...I get no money for kurohi, nothing significant yet... I can only pay with experience.

But no one wants that......Maybe I'm too strict. (u_u?

Anyway there was nothing liek this chapter at all before, in version 1. In a way you could say version 1's chapter 1 was split into chapter 1 and 2 in this version...
...but I've gotten a little feedback and it seems fans like this one better, as certain things are clearer and have more depth. That's good.

As a side note this page went through a lot of revision in panel 1...because I'm not good at perspective, and when I drew it, and added the didn't I redrew it with the background in mind hahhahaha....;v;

Another Update on Wednesday~
See you then, ja!

Sep 21 2019 03:24 pm


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Jan 05 2016 07:03 pm

raziesgirl (Guest)

Oohhh good where getting into their story

I like how you let us know how it all began I always wanted to know how these two meant great can't wait for more oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR'S .
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Jan 05 2016 07:20 pm


@raziesgirl: YEAH haha happy new years too

I wont be doing a full flashback but definitely this chapter there's going to be A LOT more explained about their relationship as opposed to the mystery that was version 1 hahahah

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