Valentine's Day 2014
posted on Feb 14 2014 10:42 am

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Feb 14 2014 10:51 am


Have some adorably cheezy Seran-Umi stuff

Happy Valentine's y'all.

It was kinda hard to do this too...cuz Seran was 15 here. And I realized this AFTER I drew a lot of it...much editing. Everyone was too old...;;

Sorry I'm still really busy I'm actually pushing it doing all of this stuff...
But really the reason you may see lots of art from me and not kurohi updates is because those are all just escape methods and non-responsible stuff.

I'm having fun with kurohi things but unfortunately it doesn't involve updating yet.
I think I really might update on April. Sigh//

Sep 21 2019 03:23 pm


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Feb 14 2014 11:22 am

Barubu (Guest)


I need to punch a wall to feel manly again
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Feb 14 2014 09:45 pm


@Barubu: hopefully not a concrete one pls I'd hate to be the cause of injury
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Feb 15 2014 12:09 am

Maru (Guest)

cuz of mine

I knew he could be a bit suave... but this is just... wow! (In a nice way)
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Feb 15 2014 05:49 am


@Maru: we romantics come up with these things like second nature //shot
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Apr 23 2014 09:22 am


@Khierz: Hahaha I'm glad you like <3 I'm sorry you went here when this place is dead haha. It will update in a few months. Already got Chapter 1's script done!

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