Don G. (kuroi_hitsuji)

a.k.a. Arcane Halo, or "Arc" for short.

Arc is a Filipino born on June 18, 1993. She is currently a student majoring in Painting.

Likes roses, blood, horror, romance, friendship, spicy food, garlic and gay boys. Dislikes having to put up with your shit, but will probably put up with it anyway.

She has been in a few student exhibits, and started Kuroi Hitsuji on 2008 (see FAQ and ABOUT for history on that), and since then has been very serious about learning how to make comics/manga-esque comics. But she also paints. It IS her major.

Arc has traced over a picture of herself and feels kind of vain about it, but it still looks cool so she kept the picture there. She likes to think about life and people and stuff, so she makes comics. (This makes perfect sense, yes. Perfect.)

This wasn't as serious as you thought, huh? But that's okay.

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