Kuroi Hitsuji

This is the story of what happens when you put a straight man, his secretly gay brother and his secretly gay boyfriend, his wacky gay friends all in one dorm, as one organization: "Kuroi Hitsuji(Black Sheep)". A story of love, secrets and some downright gay humor. As a straight man in a gay world, who is the black sheep?

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Mar 24 2019 09:35 am

I'm starting up again!

Where did I go? Well, click on the image below to see the comic:

Long story short it was...depression and other things lmao.
I'm gonna try to continue kurohi now, but I think I might shut down the smackjeeves website. Mostly because I can't seem to find viable revenue here...but I still like my layout so I also may not.

I'll restart the ads, and work on it soon.

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